Meaning of grey-haired in English:



(US gray-haired)
  • Having grey hair.

    ‘a tall, grey-haired man’
    • ‘The grey-haired crowd - not all experienced concertgoers, to judge by the intrusive clapping in the first half - sat rapt.’
    • ‘When you see a grey-haired woman in her 50s rocking a divinely sculpted hairstyle of less than half-an-inch, it's inspiring.’
    • ‘The grey-haired presenter only found out about his impending nuptials when he received a demand for payment for the flowers and catering.’
    • ‘She transformed herself from catwalk goddess to grey-haired granny as she celebrated Halloween.’
    • ‘He's twice my height, gray-haired, late fifties.’
    • ‘Say goodbye to the image of gray-haired grandparents in rocking chairs.’
    • ‘From the start, he has sought out gray-haired mentors to help show him the way.’
    • ‘Everyone except Carl looked 32 years younger in 1971 - he was balding and gray-haired then, too.’
    • ‘I feel envious when I see women my own age who are plump, grey-haired and wear spectacles.’
    • ‘I looked around and saw all these grey-haired elderly people wearing black and white rosettes.’