Meaning of grey out in English:

grey out

phrasal verb

  • grey something out, grey out somethingDisplay a menu option in a light font to indicate that it is not available.

    ‘all the property fields on the Shortcut tab are either missing or have been greyed out’
    • ‘When I open the Address Book and click on the File menu, the Import and Export options are grayed out.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this option is grayed out [ghosted] and I cannot change the setting.’
    • ‘But better to simply not show them or grey them out so they can't even be selected.’
    • ‘I cannot access any of the background images in the desktop background options… they are all greyed out.’
    • ‘When it loads up you don't get a blue screen at all and all the options on the remote are greyed out so that you can't access them.’