Meaning of grievance procedure in English:

grievance procedure


  • An official process for dealing with a complaint raised by an employee against their employer regarding treatment believed to be wrong or unfair.

    ‘her complaint was resolved through a grievance procedure’
    • ‘In an ideal world, all employees would be able to turn to an internal anti-harassment or grievance procedure.’
    • ‘Grievances against universities are preferably resolved within the grievance procedure which universities have today.’
    • ‘Most people who have experienced bullying at work don't use formal grievance procedures; they are far more likely to move or seek a transfer instead.’
    • ‘The Council adopted a new grievance procedure for complaints against the staff's handling of a matter, a process formerly associated with the annual meeting.’
    • ‘The Defence Minister said the new independent body will complement and strengthen existing grievance procedures within the military.’
    • ‘Retaliation is strictly prohibited and is a serious disciplinary offence under the grievance procedures.’
    • ‘The company spokesman declined to comment on her case because it was going through grievance procedures.’
    • ‘The institution claimed it investigated her claim of sexually harassment "carefully and fully" in accordance with its grievance procedures.’
    • ‘I sent an email to you directly as required by stage 3 of the grievance procedure.’
    • ‘Should these processes be inappropriate, then staff can use the grievance procedure.’
    • ‘When she found out he had made allegations against her, she considered taking out her own grievance procedure against him.’