Meaning of grim dig in English:

grim dig


historical, informal New Zealand
  • An experienced soldier in the Second World War.

    • ‘all of us new reinforcements learned the language of the grim digs’
    • ‘A Grim Dig had to quickly dive for cover.’
    • ‘He was known as Wig to many a Grim Dig of the Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force.’
    • ‘Some of the best sources of slang could be determined from talking to one of the Grim-digs.’
    • ‘I've seen grim digs in Africa's accursed desert nearly weep at the sudden sight of her familiar face.’
    • ‘As the evening wore on, the Grim Digs became only faintly discernible by the light of their Africa Stars.’


1940s from grim (referring to the unpleasant conditions soldiers endured in the trenches) + a contraction of digger in the sense ‘a solider’.