Meaning of grippy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡrɪpi/

adjectiveadjective grippier, adjective grippiest

  • (of a wheel or shoe) able to grip a surface well.

    ‘a comfortable boot with a grippy rubber sole’
    • ‘If it's dry you can do this route without gear, otherwise wear grippy footwear.’
    • ‘The tyres are very grippy when they're worn in a little, so it's nice to know you can slam the brakes on if you get the car totally out of shape and headed towards a gutter.’
    • ‘Water shoes, on the other hand, may not look sporty, but they're eminently sport-worthy, with features like grippy, sensitive soles, lacing systems for rough water, and exit valves for quick drying.’
    • ‘The steering is tauter, the brakes sharper and the whole car more grippy and planted.’
    • ‘I personally would never wear them, even though they are quite grippy.’
    • ‘I loved the grippy gloves, but would go through a pair in a couple of flights.’