Meaning of grossly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡrəʊsli/

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  • 1In a very obvious and unacceptable manner; flagrantly.

    ‘you have grossly insulted a member of the community’
    • ‘prosecutors said his driving was grossly negligent’
    • ‘The vessel was grossly, dangerously and visibly overloaded.’
    • ‘The fault lies in our present planning laws which so grossly favour developers.’
    • ‘Everything was going great until one day he made a political comment that was so grossly insensitive I snapped.’
    • ‘Their telecast is so grossly incompetent that one is left full of disgust and in deep despair.’
    • ‘The ad is so grossly political that the TV station stopped running it.’
    • ‘From a legal standpoint, the newspaper's reaction can only be described as grossly inappropriate.’
    • ‘This initiative has been sharply criticised as grossly inefficient and counterproductive.’
    • ‘We think this report is grossly misleading.’
    • ‘The school was grossly irresponsible for letting the students get that close to a wild, living thing.’
    • ‘It is grossly immoral and a flagrant breach of the copyright laws.’
  • 2Extremely; excessively.

    ‘the economic benefits have been grossly exaggerated’
    • ‘the decision was grossly unfair’
    • ‘It was such a blip on the radar that I underestimated its success grossly.’
    • ‘I was so grossly overweight I found it difficult to walk to the bus stop.’
    • ‘She was great fun and that's why it's so grossly unfair no one visited or cared for her.’
    • ‘They have seen people on TV who are so grossly muscular they can't even comb their hair.’
    • ‘The ban was introduced because below cost selling was seen as grossly unfair to the small shopkeeper at the time.’
    • ‘Twenty years ago, you'd be hard put to find anyone grossly overweight or pathologically obese.’
    • ‘Too many fatty treats can prove fatal for much-loved pets as they become grossly overweight.’
    • ‘He is talentless and grossly over-rated.’
    • ‘Prices have continued to fall, leaving the manufacturer with stockpiles of grossly overpriced material.’
    • ‘The money is still grossly inadequate.’
  • 3In a disgusting or coarse manner; vulgarly.

    ‘do you have one cookie, or grossly eat the whole package?’
    • ‘grossly offensive jokes’
    • ‘Profanity is defined as language so grossly offensive as to provoke violent resentment.’
    • ‘I couldn't even finish it because it was so grossly sickening.’
    • ‘This site is so grossly offensive words fail me entirely.’
    • ‘He had a coarse laugh, and joked grossly with the peasant women, young or old, who came to the window.’
    • ‘She looked blowsy, she looked like an unhappy, beaten-down woman, and she was eating grossly and acting very strangely.’
    • ‘We stopped at a buffet place on the way home for dinner just so we could grossly stuff ourselves again.’
    • ‘Only Mitya went on grossly laughing as they followed clinging to each other.’
    • ‘She's seventeen, and already she's being grossly stared at and objectified by men much older than herself.’