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ground control


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treated as singular or plural
  • The personnel and equipment that monitor and direct the flight and landing of aircraft or spacecraft.

    ‘ground control can alter the course of the rocket’
    • ‘Example products include aviation and ground control headsets, wireless communications devices, tactical communications equipment and emergency response dispatch systems.’
    • ‘It will be commanded only once the ground control team have re-acquired signal from the spacecraft, and made sure with a sequence of tests that the second boom is correctly locked into position and the spacecraft is well under control.’
    • ‘The commander is the captain of the space shuttle and makes all the critical decisions on behalf of the crew and in coordination with the ground control team.’
    • ‘A pilot can obtain clearance on a screen in the cockpit before calling ground control to get taxi instructions for takeoff.’
    • ‘Galileo will consist of 30 satellites in medium Earth orbit supported by a global network of ground control and monitoring stations.’
    • ‘At 10: 29 CEST this morning, the ground control centre at the University in Aalborg received the first signals from the satellite.’
    • ‘Without enough power to lift the spacecraft to its intended orbit, the shuttle pilots carried out an abort-to-orbit procedure and were able to successfully conduct their mission after some hasty replanning by NASA ground control teams.’
    • ‘To give credence to the claim, communication transcripts between the flight and ground control were released showing that the crew had no indication or warning of impending trouble.’
    • ‘Genevieve switches on her two-way radio and, like an air-traffic controller, tells ground control who to send up, who's coming down.’
    • ‘The ground control station is operated by a crew of three: Mission Controller, Air Vehicle Controller and Image Analyst.’
    • ‘When the spacecraft Deep Space 1 flew past the asteroid Braille in July 1999, it was too far away from earth for ground control to direct all its movements.’
    • ‘His job is to sit beside the pilot at the ground control station and operate sensors for the Predator that can deliver video of the enemy below.’
    • ‘While talking to ground control, concentrate on your radio proficiency, making certain that your relaxed mic work doesn't require a controller to correct you or prompt you to read back runway destinations, etc.’
    • ‘The heater is not really needed when the arm is not in use, but ground control has not been able to activate a switch designed to override the thermostat, he explained.’
    • ‘From ground control stations far-removed from the front lines, they can maneuver the Predator just like any other aircraft.’
    • ‘Cosmonauts may tend to withdraw and speak in a monotone, giving brusque answers to questions from each other and ground control.’
    • ‘Again there were some small problems but ground control as always was very helpful and we successfully finished the experiment.’
    • ‘I was working ground control on a very cold winter morning when one of the local charter pilots was cranking up a Navajo.’
    • ‘Congested airports are putting tremendous strain on existing methods of air and ground control.’
    • ‘One ground control station can control one air vehicle or two air vehicles in relay.’