Meaning of ground rent in English:

ground rent


mass nounBritish
  • Rent paid under the terms of a lease by the owner of a building to the owner of the land on which it is built.

    • ‘The review uncovered the fact that many 99-year ground rent leases granted by the previous laird had not been properly converted to full title when the houses that stood upon the land were sold.’
    • ‘The group has repeatedly tried to pay ground rent at the original rates but have had their cheques returned to them.’
    • ‘They will be privately owned, with leasehold tenure and ground rent for the land.’
    • ‘But in Philadelphia an artisan or workingman could through ground rent gain access to land and build low-cost houses.’
    • ‘He would offer them high returns for investments in land leases and ground rents which quickly accrued large amounts of interest that would encourage investors to hand over more.’
    • ‘A small rise of floor space rentals translates into a large percentage rise of ground rent and land price, because rent gets everything above what is required to operate and amortize the building.’
    • ‘Now the homeowners, who have lived there for years and pay council tax and ground rent, say they have been told the site has a new owner who plans to open the park to holidaymakers next month.’
    • ‘Homeowners on a Vange estate who pay ground rent and management fees to a housing association have been told their bills will double.’
    • ‘This is a planning process and therefore there should be no consideration of extra business rates, land disposals or ground rents.’
    • ‘This ground rent, along with maintenance fees for upkeep of the grounds, facilities and the exteriors of their homes, will cost €1, 500 annually.’
    • ‘If the lease has not expired, the cost is based on the number of remaining years on the lease and the price of the annual ground rent.’
    • ‘So there are no rentals involved, plus the agency will pay us advertisement tax and ground rent.’
    • ‘At that time, the practice of annual rents being fixed at auction was replaced with a system of nominal ground rent subject to the payment of a premium.’
    • ‘The only kind of rent George is concerned with, then, is ground rent, that which derives from the land alone.’
    • ‘It proposes an amendment to the constitution of a country by which taxation would be shifted to user fees and ground rent.’
    • ‘In general, therefore, a tenant will pay some rent to his landlord, although in the case of ground rent it may be a trivial sum of money.’
    • ‘There is a First Floor Flat let on a long lease in respect of which only ground rent is payable.’
    • ‘The 86-year-old, pictured, took the decision to bulldoze it rather than let it fall into the hands of the company that tripled her ground rent and vowed to evict her if she didn't pay.’
    • ‘When you're a homeowner and you pay ground rent, you expect to be able to live in peace.’
    • ‘Both clubs have asked the council if ground rent can be waived.’


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