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ground rule


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  • 1usually ground rulesA basic principle.

    ‘some ground rules for assessing new machines’
    • ‘Before an interview, Johnson laid down the ground rule that he didn't want to talk about his Seattle days.’
    • ‘My first ground rule is always to tell the truth.’
    • ‘The ground rule on that subject would be never to make familiarity with one's earlier works necessary for enjoying or appreciating the current one.’
    • ‘Another ground rule could establish one point of contact at each place where project staff are located.’
    • ‘The third ground rule, and the last, is that you must stick with your assignment.’
    • ‘They also set a ground rule: Neither family has to do something they don't want to do.’
    • ‘This is a thriller that cheekily defies the ground rule of keeping you in suspense about who did it.’
    • ‘They are brief (five to ten minutes), regular check-ins with simple ground rules.’
    • ‘The rules I told you are ground rules; we'll make up the rest as we go.’
    • ‘The ground rule up here that most people understand is there should never be more than four people flying in the area at any one time.’
    • ‘There should be two ground rules, at a minimum, for your employees.’
    • ‘I did tell all three guests that I'd provide them with a few guidelines and ground rules on how to conduct themselves here, but being lazy and incompetent, I never got round to it.’
    • ‘Whether your blogs are by columnists or community members, there should be guidelines and ground rules that everyone is aware of.’
    • ‘Having some ground rules in legislation provides clear guidance to all parties, while preventing an abuse of power by the head of state.’
    • ‘However, certain ground rules make good sense.’
    • ‘But before you get down to cashing in your discretionary calories, keep in mind the following ground rules for cheating without paying too high a price.’
    • ‘While the military set ground rules for coverage and attempted to grant access safely, journalists still were disappointed in the press pool arrangement.’
    • ‘One ground rule: I've had a policy of not editing comments of others, regardless of abusiveness.’
    • ‘In essence, the exchange acts in a neutral capacity, setting the ground rules for buyers and sellers, who gather at the site and pay a fee for each transaction conducted.’
    • ‘Just so you know, your Highness, there are a few ground rules to follow here.’
  • 2Baseball
    A rule relating to the limits of play on a particular field.

    ‘He learned the hard way about a Wrigley Field ground rule.’
    • ‘By establishing ground rules, the playing field can be leveled for all participants.’
    • ‘Under the ground rules of the Astrodome, the ball was in play.’
    • ‘The speedy Rizzo went all the way around the bases and scored to the delight of the fans-only to be sent back to third base on a ground rule.’