Meaning of groupuscule in English:



  • A political or religious splinter group.

    • ‘It was rather a grouping in the sense of Charles Fourier's socialist cells or groupuscules, based, as Breton insisted, on the idea that all passions are good.’
    • ‘The 1970s seemed to be the age of the groupuscules, the tiny, fissiparous radical activist groups which spread across Western Europe.’
    • ‘He will be comfortable with his citation on the blogrolls of various right-wing groupuscules and assorted reactionary ranters.’
    • ‘His success in the first round of the presidential election ‘aroused among his supporters and in the groupuscules a very great hope.’’
    • ‘One of the most successful of these groupuscules was Italy's Red Brigades, formed a year after Italy's ‘hot autumn’ strikes of 1969.’


1960s from French, diminutive of groupe ‘group’.