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grouse moor

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  • An area of managed moorland for the shooting of red grouse.

    ‘Most of Ilkley Moor is owned by Bradford Council and it is managed as a traditional grouse moor except that shooting is not allowed.’
    • ‘If hen harrier numbers were managed on grouse moors, such as by removing eggs from some nests, it might allow more harriers to be conserved than if the grouse-shooting was abandoned.’
    • ‘The Moorland Visitor's Code highlights that dogs are not allowed on most access land on grouse moors to protect rare moorland birds.’
    • ‘The forecast across Scotland's 450 grouse moors is more complicated, with some areas in dire straits while others are faring better.’
    • ‘In 1932 there was a mass trespass involving 400 people on the grouse moors at Kinder Scout in Derbyshire, during which gamekeepers clashed with walkers demanding the right to walk on the estate.’
    • ‘This natural regeneration would benefit species such as the black grouse, which roost in trees and has declined on grouse moors.’
    • ‘This means grouse moors will now be able to generate the income so vital for continued investment in moor management and the wider rural economy.’
    • ‘The trust claims that allowing harriers to flourish unhindered could lead to the closure of grouse moors - the economic lifeblood of some of Scotland's sporting estates - and the loss of millions of pounds of income in rural areas.’
    • ‘Born at Cheetham, Manchester, into a poor Jewish family, Benny was a jobless 20-year-old when he organised the trespass on the grouse moors of Kinder in 1932.’
    • ‘The billionaire owns the 32,000-acre Gunnerside estate in Swaledale, which has some of the finest grouse moors in the country, but his lifelong passion is sailing.’
    • ‘This season the owners of Scotland's 490 grouse moors have either cancelled their shoots or scaled them back dramatically because of a desperate shortage of birds.’
    • ‘My understanding of the management of grouse moors is that land-owners burn heather on a rotation basis to encourage new growth which will actually help peat ground retain water.’
    • ‘And in North Yorkshire, firefighters battled on two fronts to stop fire spreading out of control across grouse moors in Upper Swaledale.’
    • ‘Small wonder Stanford thought August days on Scotland's grouse moors were never - to-be-forgotten moments.’
    • ‘In Scottish winters, while the rest of the country yearns for sun, the keepers on grouse moors pray for a deep, deep frost.’
    • ‘There are still lots of grouse moors close to East Lancashire around the Yorkshire Dales and the Trough of Bowland.’
    • ‘You've got everything from grouse moors to limestone grassland and a fantastic coastline.’
    • ‘I go stalking, and have tramped across more than enough grouse moors to wear out a pair of walking boots.’
    • ‘Minutes later, we are looking out over the River Cover and drinking Kir Royale from plastic flutes, preparing ourselves for the hike to the grouse moor.’
    • ‘Nature trails lead through the woodlands up to a heather-clad hill top which the Fielden family used as a grouse moor.’
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