Meaning of growing season in English:

growing season


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  • The part of the year during which rainfall and temperature allow plants to grow.

    ‘a short growing season’
    • ‘In areas with long growing seasons, plant hardy kiwis anytime, but do avoid the hottest parts of summer, when transplant stress is high.’
    • ‘Use the upper end of the range in warmer climates that have longer growing seasons, and less in cooler climates with shorter growing seasons.’
    • ‘Plant the bulbs about once a month during the growing season for a summer-long supply.’
    • ‘Cold temperatures and short growing seasons are the most obvious characteristics of the physical environment in the Arctic.’
    • ‘The use of greenhouses allows the growing season to be extended from February to November.’
    • ‘You can often get a good deal on plants at this time of year, even on the late bloomers, especially in regions with short growing seasons.’
    • ‘To allow the shrub to recover in the following growing season, do this in late autumn to early spring.’
    • ‘Apply fish emulsion or a special hydrangea fertilizer during the growing season.’
    • ‘During the subsequent growing seasons, you might consider using a compost mulch in spring, with fewer or lighter feedings in summer, or no additional fertilizer at all.’
    • ‘To allow the tuber to reset for the next growing season you need to let them die back naturally.’
    • ‘Trees grow quickly in the South because of long growing seasons and abundant rainfall.’
    • ‘In areas where growing seasons are short, bloom seasons are also short.’
    • ‘Pruning late in the growing season will encourage new growth that will be damaged by frost.’
    • ‘Therefore, short, cool growing seasons and cold winters are often thought of as barriers to crop growth and diversification in the Subarctic.’
    • ‘However, most of the regions in China that will accommodate this kind of paddy are either in flood prone areas or are affected by short growing seasons as winter approaches.’
    • ‘This plant actually blooms twice in its growing season, once in early June and again in August.’
    • ‘Just don't add any plants that may have been diseased during the growing season.’
    • ‘The more green wood you have when the growing season begins, the sooner your plant will bloom.’
    • ‘Most of these plants flower on wood that is produced during the current growing season.’
    • ‘Now's the perfect time to plant it to give it a head start on the growing season.’