Meaning of grown-ass in English:



informal US
  • Grown-up; adult.

    • ‘he's a grown-ass man, not a 5-year-old’
    • ‘We are not little kids, we are grown-ass women.’
    • ‘He's a grown-ass man, he should act like one.’
    • ‘You're a wife and a mother, you got to act like the grown-ass woman you claim to be.’
    • ‘I just don't understand a grown-ass man being mad about a item designed to attract and entertain kids.’
    • ‘I've seen grown-ass adults even fight over a water bottle a singer left on the edge of the stage.’
    • ‘The network insists on calling grown-ass women "girls".’
    • ‘Owning up is something we don't see enough of out of grown ass men.’
    • ‘I have no problem with celebrations but to see grown-ass men having to high-five the entire bench after every goal is stupid.’
    • ‘You may not like what he did but he's a grownass man with a family that he has to make decisions for.’
    • ‘They are not selling drugs to impressionable 10-year-olds, they are selling hi-grade PEDs to grown-ass adults who know what they are doing.’