Meaning of grrrl in English:


Pronunciation /ɡəːl/


(also grrl)
  • A young woman regarded as independent and strong or aggressive.

    ‘I haven't read her book with the unambiguous title but, as I understand it, her thesis is that women behaving like frat grrrls does not, in fact, engender empowerment.’
    • ‘After working on my book proposal for a little and the garden for longer today, I decided to be a bad grrrl and just play a game.’
    • ‘This fascinating novel, an interesting cross between hard science fiction, riot grrls gone wild and cyberpunk which has yet to pick up a U.S. publisher, deals with a two-strand narrative.’
    • ‘It worked best when it just happened to be grrls helping each other; it struggled when it became self-aware and stopped offering a critique of society to become a commentary on what it was doing.’
    • ‘One example would be the classic ‘sub-culture,’ a category that would include such groups as metalheads, riot grrls, or rave kids.’
    • ‘That said, there were a few moments during the broadcast when I was swept up in admiration for the grrls who spoke.’
    • ‘Another bonus as a result of this contest for the local rock grrls is a management deal that the ink is drying on.’
    • ‘The aforementioned grrl was a full-time student when we moved in together and I was the money-maker for two years.’
    • ‘It gives us a wonderfully economical, almost anthropological view of the grrrls in their natural habitat - the street.’
    • ‘He discusses topics such as the figurality of noise, the perversions of the music scene by boyz/bois/boys and the hysterization of it by gurlz/girls / grrrls.’
    • ‘It seems perfect for these postmodern grrrls.’
    • ‘As a liberal grrrl, I would have thought that the last person I'd ever support would be a four-star general who voted for Ronald Reagan.’
    • ‘Altogether, a rare treat for the grrrl in your life.’
    • ‘Money and a great looking wardrobe doesn't take away the fact that her voice still does not stand out amongst the rock grrls of the music world.’
    • ‘Hey grrls, don't you remember being ostracized at one point or another?’
    • ‘Well, my best friend and I decided that if I was going to have any chance at winning this guy back, I'd need a new wardrobe - so several shopping trips later I am a new grrl.’
    • ‘I'm opinionated, outspoken, abstract, a riot grrl, and usually very forward when it comes to dating.’
    • ‘Don't let the evil grrrl chorus push you around.’
    • ‘Eroticized grrrl power becomes a contest of popularity intensified through the polymorphous visual style of MTV.’


1990s blend of grrr, representing the sound of an animal growling (and thus human anger) and girl, originally a variant of girl in riot girl.