Meaning of grudgingly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡrʌdʒɪŋli/

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  • In a reluctant or resentful manner.

    ‘I grudgingly accepted his apology’
    • ‘Its popularity with the public was, to some extent, matched by a grudgingly positive response from the critics.’
    • ‘Grudgingly I have had to admit that each of us is more complicated than our "labels" would imply.’
    • ‘Ritchie grudgingly admits that some of the problems are due to technology's greater role in the music industry.’
    • ‘Hitchcock seems more interested in his Dover sole than in the girl but grudgingly answers her questions.’
    • ‘Even Mozart and Mahler were accepted abroad before they were grudgingly then ecstatically received at home.’
    • ‘The servants continue to hover disdainfully on the sidelines, grudgingly carrying out the master's orders.’
    • ‘The deal worked and Scout grudgingly went to school.’
    • ‘His self-assured yet humble presence was fascinating, and I had to grudgingly admit later that I enjoyed watching him play.’
    • ‘The acceptance of distance education has occurred somewhat grudgingly by traditional colleges and universities.’
    • ‘Over the next couple of days, he grudgingly repairs the fence and begins to make the acquaintance of the odd old lady.’