Meaning of Gruyère in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡruːjɛː/

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mass noun
  • A firm, tangy cheese.

    ‘Try radicchio and Roquefort, or watercress and Gruyère.’
    • ‘Crispy, buttery cornflakes top a baking dish of subtly oniony mac and cheese made with Gruyère, Gouda, white cheddar and béchamel - a gourmet-sounding mix that turns out creamy and surprisingly modest.’
    • ‘Unlike Gruyère, Emmental has a dry rind free from micro-organisms.’
    • ‘A flash-roasted oyster appetizer, served on the half shell with bits of excellent smokehouse bacon and a jot of Gruyère cheese, was good enough to win friends in New Orleans, where fancy cooked oyster dishes are serious business.’
    • ‘First, the chef prepares the ground with a barrage of giant popovers - steaming Yorkshire puddings as big as elephant knuckles, and weighted on their tops with crusts of Gruyère cheese.’
    • ‘Fish soup with melting dollops of Gruyère is more mundanely satisfying, and a cassoulette of sweetbreads pleased everyone else at the table (still, you'd better like vermouth).’
    • ‘With its crisped, locally baked Kraftsmen bread, its nutty Gruyère and its nouvelle-vague whiff of truffle oil scooting over skinny ham slices, this is profound stuff.’
    • ‘But we forgot all about it when a stack of gougères filled with melted Gruyère and smoked ham arrived, followed by a gourmet pulled-pork tortilla spiked with cumin and black-eyed peas.’
    • ‘Serve alongside some slow-roasted tomatoes topped with any leftover breadcrumbs mixed with Gruyère.’
    • ‘Crisp on the outside and buttery-soft and almost hollow on the inside, they are traditionally bun-sized, and flavoured with Gruyère.’
    • ‘The crêpes Bretonne are great too: La Brébis is filled with fresh fruit and heavy cream while the Coq Breton is crêpe stuffed with ham, asparagus and Gruyère, served with béchamel sauce, salad and coffee.’
    • ‘The lunch menu is fishy and wholesome: crab soup, crab and Gruyère tartlet, crispy salmon and dill fishcakes are popular.’
    • ‘Or, a bowl of intense onion soup under a mantle of heat-blasted Gruyère croutons lies waiting to shanghai your palate with a sneak shot of warming red pepper.’
    • ‘The former category includes a triumvirate of flame-heated specialties: liqueur-spiked Gruyère as a dip for French bread, meats fried in hot peanut oil, and strawberries dunked in melted chocolate.’
    • ‘Try the satisfyingly rich omelets: fluffy eggs with such classic fillings as Gruyère and mushrooms playing hide-and-seek in the center.’
    • ‘An omelet bundle flecked with chives wraps up roasted mushrooms and melted Gruyère.’
    • ‘I ordered the modest $8 omelette du jour, which arrived as plump as a hen, sitting high and proud on its plate, a bit of Gruyère from the Gruyère and mushroom filling peeking out coyly from one corner, threading toward a pile of crisp potatoes.’
    • ‘Slice the Gruyère thin and set aside.’
    • ‘My dining companion enjoyed her crab pancake with a Gruyère glaze, but then she does the place's PR, so she would like it (don't worry, she didn't pay, it was my little treat) - I found the crab, for the record, a little soupy.’
    • ‘My partner chose the chicken wrapped in Bayonne ham with a Gruyère sauce.’


Named after Gruyère, a district in Switzerland, where it was first made.