Meaning of GTG in English:



(also G2G)
  • 1Got to go (used to indicate that one is ending an electronic conversation)

    • ‘sorry GTG but I'll message you next time I'm on’
    • ‘I G2G, I have a meeting in 5 minutes’
    • ‘BTW I GTG can we continue this later?’
    • ‘Ok gtg see you guys later.’
    • ‘No way, i g2g.’
    • ‘Oh my God that wasn't for you G2G Byeeee.’
    • ‘Alas, i gtg!’
  • 2Good to go.

    • ‘plug it into your TV's settings and you should be GTG’
    • ‘I just had to do a touch-up with my powder compact and I was G2G’