Meaning of guard's van in English:

guard's van

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  • A carriage or wagon occupied by the guard on a train.

    ‘A train left the railway station with the pay for the North Eastern Railway officials in the guard's van at the rear of the train.’
    • ‘But Martin Forwood, a campaigner from Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment, pointed out that BNFL had earlier axed guard's vans from the trains, leaving drivers to cope with any accident on their own.’
    • ‘Kendall explained why these rail trips were so popular: ‘They ran special trains from Paris, but these were real party trains, lots of drinking and the use of the guard's van for dancing.’’
    • ‘Having failed to get into the guard's van at the back of the train he jumped on to the back of the train which then went through two tunnels and four stations.’
    • ‘Bikes were banned from trains, a decision that effectively put a stick in the spokes of commuters, tourists, and thousands of other cyclists who dumped their machines in the old guard's vans.’
    • ‘Cyclists benefit too, as bike reservations will now receive an allocated place in the train's guard's van, which becomes coach A on HSTs (north end of train) or coach P on Mallards (south end of train).’
    • ‘They carried her onto the train in a cardboard box, and made her travel on a shelf in the guard's van, where she clubbed the ticket collector over the head with an iron and set fire to my bike.’
    • ‘Civilians failing to provide ID to police, particularly young ladies, were whisked away to the guard's van to be reprimanded.’
    • ‘Similar ceremonies took place at Melrose station, and at Hawick, where a black coffin addressed to Marsh was loaded into the guard's van.’
    • ‘It cost me an extra £3 on top of my £17.50 ticket to stow it in the guard's van anyway.’
    • ‘Palmer stepped into the guard's van, as it came up to him, and thought no more of the incident.’
    • ‘Goods of little value were removed from the guard's van.’
    • ‘This book's hours with the poets offer not so much the aesthetics of the avant-garde as those of the guard's van.’
    • ‘One article read: ‘The guard's van thumps over the single track behind a diesel locomotive and a clamorous string of goods wagons with a disconcerting backward and forward bucking action combined with a sway from side to side…’’
    • ‘Here the diesel engine that shunts the little guard's van turns tail and pulls them home to Waitara.’