Meaning of guardedly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡɑːdɪdli/

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‘This means that there will be major upheavals at the level of the constituency and I use the word upheaval guardedly, because there are several constituencies that will no longer exist.’
  • ‘Without denying the range of challenges that face all political parties - from left to right - which seek to engage the public actively in issues of government and governance, the conclusion of the conference was guardedly optimistic.’
  • ‘We expect this to continue into the next quarter and, barring any about turns in the world economy, we remain guardedly optimistic for the remainder of the year.’
  • ‘But I also tell them that I am guardedly optimistic.’
  • ‘But they do so very guardedly, and it would sound like profane apologetics if transmitted live. So the analytical moment, if there is to be one, has been indefinitely postponed.’