Meaning of guerrilla warfare in English:

guerrilla warfare

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mass noun
  • Engagement in or the activities involved in a war fought by small groups of irregular soldiers against typically larger regular forces.

    ‘in the 1960s a broad shift occurred from rural guerrilla warfare to urban terror’
    • ‘Following the takeover, a small group of troops with support from the natives waged guerrilla warfare against the occupiers.’
    • ‘In the next few years, he gradually eliminated the garrisons by a masterly policy of guerrilla warfare.’
    • ‘The Spanish insurgency against Napoleon's conquest gave birth to the term 'guerrilla warfare'.’
    • ‘The website provides a diverse set of links on topics ranging from urban guerrilla warfare to directions for building a grenade launcher.’
    • ‘A brilliant, innovative leader practicing in guerrilla warfare, Greene left the army in 1783.’
    • ‘Even by the standards of guerrilla warfare, he is a conspicuously callous figure.’
    • ‘In guerrilla warfare, they were often strikingly successful.’
    • ‘The environment of guerrilla warfare, a war without fronts, undoubtedly created a setting conducive to atrocities.’
    • ‘Guerrilla warfare, most concluded, was a function of inferior socioeconomic status.’
    • ‘Conceding that his partisans could not prevail on the battlefield, he proclaimed a policy of continued resistance through guerrilla warfare.’