Meaning of guest beer in English:

guest beer



  • 1British (in a tied pub) a beer offered in addition to those produced by the parent brewery.

    ‘Up to 3,000 visitors are expected to attend the three-day event, which will feature more than 45 guest beers from smaller breweries across Britain, including Bolton's own Bank Top Brewery.’
    • ‘It will be serving the brewery's range of crafted real ales, plus guest beers, and meals made with local ingredients.’
    • ‘Annie Carter, 41, said: ‘The guest beers are great.’’
    • ‘The festival was renowned for its genteel atmosphere and the 20 guest beers from all around Scotland which were drunk along with the family's own ales, brewed on the grounds.’
    • ‘Ale aficionados can join him for a free half pint of any of the 12 guest beers he is laying on from Wednesday May 5 when the gong is handed over.’
    • ‘The Village Inn, as we will have to get used to calling it, is a free house, and Adrian serves a rotating guest beer alongside house favourites Smith's and Tetley's.’
    1. 1.1(in a free house) a beer available only temporarily.
      ‘A vast array of beers including an ever-changing guest beer seem to qualify it as a serious pub, dispensing with its duty to offer any kind of lager or bitter you could desire in sober fashion.’
      • ‘The guest beer didn't appeal so I opted for a pint of Guinness, which I've been treating with some suspicion since returning from the Emerald Isle where I tasted the proper stuff.’
      • ‘The idea came when members went for a festive drink on Boxing Day at the Coal Clough pub in Burnley and found a guest beer on sale that was raising money for the Luton Town's supporters' trust.’
      • ‘Sukhi's Indian Lager, which is served at Sukhi's Restaurant, Duckworth Street, will be a guest beer in the Strangers Bar, in the House of Commons.’
      • ‘Daleside Bitter has been launched as a ‘session beer’ with the aim of becoming a regular rather than a guest beer in pubs across the region.’
      • ‘He also got on the record the fact that its Terrier ale was the most popular guest beer ever to appear in the Commons' Stranger's Bar.’
      • ‘The bar will support 12 hand pumps providing six York Brewery beers from its impressive award-winning range, two Castle Rock ales and four guest beers from around the country.’
      • ‘There I was forced to try out all three of the guest beers, brewed by the North Yorkshire Brewing Company.’
      • ‘The Tap's got some great guest beers - my favourite is Wild Thing bitter, but the Leg Over and Hambleton aren't bad either - and it would have been an insult to all things bright and beautiful not to have sampled as many of them as possible.’
      • ‘The intention is we'll have six hand-pulled ales, four of our own including Stonewall and Yorkshire Terrier, and two guest beers.’
      • ‘I like The Taps because they serve guest beers that you've never previously heard of, and they never play music.’
      • ‘Patriotically because it's St George's Day and because the village is Ogbourne St George the names of all seven guest beers had an English connection.’
      • ‘With karaoke folk nights (they even provide the guitars), guest beers, good cheap food and a wooden floor to which your feet stick you have to ask yourself: ‘Why should climbers have all the fun?’’