Meaning of guiltlessly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡɪltləsli/


See guiltless

‘I figured I'll bang out a great workout before my day even begins, I'll be all invigorated when I get to work, and the evening will be mine to do guiltlessly what I please with it.’
  • ‘A competitive intelligence professional, he gleefully and guiltlessly uses deception to extract information from corporate executives for their rivals.’
  • ‘Since the chance of serious injury is minimal, the piles-ups can be guiltlessly enjoyed as momentary respite from the narcoleptic effect of the actual competition.’
  • ‘So I guiltlessly consumed it and it was as delicious as ever!’
  • ‘Within ten minutes I was snoozing guiltlessly once more… and I didn't wake up until 11.30.’