Meaning of gulab jamun in English:

gulab jamun

Pronunciation /ɡʊˌlɑːb ˈdʒɑːmən/


  • An Indian sweet consisting of a ball of deep-fried paneer boiled in a sugar syrup.

    ‘brown, sticky gulab jamuns’
    • ‘he ordered gulab jamun for everybody’
    • ‘Some sweets which originated in C. Asia were developed under Moghul influence into the delicacies well known in India as barfi, halva, gulab jamun, jalebi, etc.’
    • ‘They had never been in a room with electric lamps and fans nor had they ever tasted a gulab jamun (a common Indian sweet) until then.’
    • ‘Who on earth would expect chaat, paratha, paani puri, rasmalai, saag ghosht, paneer or gulab jamun as part of their in flight meal?’
    • ‘Yes, Mehta might be Indian but there's not a gulab jamun in sight as he concocts unusual endings, which become the talk of diners and food critics.’
    • ‘And if that's not sweet enough for your tastes, come dessert time the chef will even pour Tia Maria on your gulab jamun.’
    • ‘Two small balls of gulab jamun are so intensely sweet that my scalp tingles, but the luxe redolence of their saffron syrup is addictive. This is the hallmark of honeyed Indian pastries, and Matagali's version is sophisticated.’
    • ‘After a kulcha, crunchy with oodles of butter on the outside, attack the gulab jamun instead.’
    • ‘Ravi did send over a dessert, a very sweet syrupy gulab jamun, but we were far too full to do any justice to it; sorry Ravi!’
    • ‘Hardly has the last gulab jamun been eaten up that the stores are full of Halloween candy and the children of immigrants embark on that delicious American adventure - trick or treating on October 31.’
    • ‘Among the desserts to wind up the dinner, the ‘gajar ka halwa’ and gulab jamun or just a pastry in addition to the mango yogurt pudding, are served chilled.’
    • ‘Rosogolla and gulab jamun are the desserts on offer.’
    • ‘From a modest hotel, it has grown into a brand marketing ready-to-eat food products, curries, gulab jamun mixes and softy ice creams.’
    • ‘I crave chai when I want a hot drink and gulab jamun when I have a sweet tooth.’
    • ‘I hope she will learn to make gulab jamun, her father's favorite dessert, a delectable concoction of syrup-soaked dumplings; mine always come out too stiff.’
    • ‘Giving those with a sweet tooth the chance to end their meal on the right note will be traditional desserts like Ghewar, gulab ki kheer and gulab jamun among others.’
    • ‘It starts with Chowpatty Chaat Counter and the menu is replete with wada pao, pao bhaji, chole bhatura, bade mia kebab counter (vegetarian and non-vegetarian kebab spreads), kulfi, falooda, pooran poli, shrikhand, phirni, gulab jamun…’
    • ‘I still marvel at her recipe for gulab jamuns made with Bisquick.’
    • ‘If you are the kind that gorges on sweets, you are most likely to think twice before downing gulab jamuns and slurping ghee-dripping badam halwa.’
    • ‘It tugs my heart strings as I realize that I cannot play any more galli cricket with my colony buddies, I won't be able to savor my mother's samosas and gulab jamuns, I cannot approach my dadi every time I want some money or when I want to cry.’
    • ‘If all of us insist that the gulab jamuns on the table are marbles, and you alone said they were gulab jamuns, will people think you are sane?’


From Hindi gulāb ‘rose water’ and jāmun ‘kind of plum’.