Meaning of gulder in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡʌldə/


Northern Irish
  • A loud shout, typically one expressing anger.

    ‘an isolated gulder from the stand’
    • ‘True to form, he instructed me almost in a gulder to "just get up there and don't let them get a word in edgeways".’
    • ‘It was the voice—one that could crumble Jericho's walls with one gulder—that really caught the attention.’
    • ‘What started as an odd mention at the press conferences has snow-balled into a collective gulder ahead of this summer's finals.’
    • ‘Only the occasional gulder from the teacher in the old school fell into the deep, sun-warmed silence of the village.’
    • ‘We've had it to the back teeth with politicians who think that stunts and gulders are a substitute for negotiation.’
    • ‘The air was ringing with girlish squeals and boyish gulders.’


[no object]Northern Irish
  • Utter a loud shout, typically as an expression of anger.

    ‘I was guldering at the officials for their bad refereeing’
    • ‘He opened his mouth and guldered, "Away ya go!"’
    • ‘They looked around in awe as 10,000 Ulster voices guldered Sweet Caroline.’
    • ‘The visit would traditionally have meant two hours spent with some big man stood behind you at the back of the stand guldering in your ear.’
    • ‘The well-oiled crowd guldered along to every word.’
    • ‘We yell and gulder far more than we should do.’


Mid 18th century (originally Scots): of imitative origin.