Meaning of Gulf War syndrome in English:

Gulf War syndrome


mass noun
  • A medical condition affecting many veterans of the 1991 Gulf War, characterized by fatigue, chronic headaches, and skin and respiratory disorders. Its origin is uncertain, though it has been attributed to exposure to a combination of pesticides, vaccines, and other chemicals.

    ‘It is a total vindication of all war veterans suffering from Gulf War syndrome.’
    • ‘Let me ask you about the Gulf War because there has been both reports of Gulf War syndrome among veterans, and among Iraqi civilians, there have been increased rates of cancer reported.’
    • ‘And while veterans suffered from Gulf War syndrome at home, the U.S. government has moved woefully slowly in acknowledging an illness that has claimed many of its own.’
    • ‘Both US and British Gulf War veterans seized on the finding as further proof of a link between the chemicals they were exposed to during the War and a range of mysterious illnesses called Gulf War syndrome.’
    • ‘New Labour, like the Tories, is reluctant to allow an inquiry into Gulf War syndrome, the mystery illness afflicting around 6,000 British soldiers who fought in the war.’