Meaning of gully-raking in English:



mass noun historical Australian, New Zealand
  • 1The practice of rounding up or stealing unbranded livestock from remote areas.

    ‘everybody does a spot of gully-raking now and then’
    • ‘I was gully-raking with a mate in the mountains at the back of Richmond.’
    • ‘I had now to resort to what is termed moonlighting and gully-raking.’
    • ‘Cattle duffing and gully-raking for wandered livestock were in some cases a prelude to bushranging.’
    • ‘Gully-raking, or sheep and cattle stealing, was common in most districts.’
    • ‘It was my first attempt at gully-raking, leaving my stock-keeper to do his master's share of the work.’
  • 2The practice of searching for surface gold.

    ‘gold-mining on this field is now confined to gully-raking’
    • ‘The principal work has been mere gully-raking or surfacing in the bed of the creek.’
    • ‘Where gullies were worked to a shallow depth, the process was known as 'gully raking'.’
    • ‘The fossicker goes gully-raking into old gullies and worked-out creeks.’
    • ‘At present there are 13 men gully-raking a mile from the junction with the river.’
    • ‘At Gowrie Creek, much of the work is really only surfacing or gully raking.’