Meaning of gumboot in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡʌmbuːt/

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dated mainly British usually gumboots
  • A long rubber boot; a wellington.

    ‘he was wearing his mackintosh and a new pair of gumboots’
    • ‘All that was left was the letterbox and a pair of rubber gumboots.’
    • ‘They may need gumboots or sturdy footwear for the 15-minute walk from the carpark to the memorial site, Ms Cowin said.’
    • ‘It was much smoother for us this time - there were no doctors in white plastic aprons and white rubber gumboots, there were no suction cups and no forceps and no blood splatters.’
    • ‘The purchasing manager and safety committee had also been instructed to procure gumboots, security boots and raincoats by July 23.’
    • ‘People working in the shed could not feel the voltage because they usually wore rubber gumboots.’
    • ‘I realised that I should not have worn tramping boots and left my gumboots in the cabin.’
    • ‘Bolivians in golden cowboy boots, a South African woman in miners' gumboots, and six dignified Lebanese men holding hands all stomped merrily.’
    • ‘Pull on a pair of gumboots, grab a packed lunch, sunhat, sunscreen, umbrella, thermos of coffee… and head off up the farm track to the little weather beaten stands perched precariously on the river's bank.’
    • ‘On the other hand, when armed with a large umbrella or a well-fitting raincoat and perhaps a pair of gumboots, it is possible to enjoy the monsoon rains, and take time out to splash through muddy puddles and wade through waterlogged roads.’
    • ‘Paul began his career as a six-year-old, creating a horse costume with his pyjamas and a pair of gumboots.’
    • ‘Sometimes in summer, she wore gumboots for protection; more commonly, her footwear was a pair of woollen socks, or simply the tough skin of her brown bare feet.’
    • ‘But I did laugh very merrily when the reception manager made his way around the courtyard diners, rigged up in full Father Christmas gear and gumboots five sizes too big.’
    • ‘It was full of black and white and beige people, silly cocktail frocks worn with gumboots.’
    • ‘I had noticed that gumboots were impermeable to water from the outside, and deduced that they must also be impermeable from the inside.’
    • ‘The boys and girls would clamber all over it, poking sticks at it and hanging wet gumboots on its ears but it didn't mind in the least.’
    • ‘Anyway, it's easier to wear gumboots when you don't have to tuck your trousers in.’
    • ‘Almost without exception, people were less than impressed by the way the ‘upgrade’ turned their channel-changing experience into something akin to wading through deep mud in gumboots.’
    • ‘On a Saturday morning he leads them on an expedition to the lower reaches of the Heathcote River where they put on their gumboots and wade through the mud picking up metal and plastic and filling skips with the rubbish.’
    • ‘Someone washing their car at home, on the other hand, uses 95 litres of fresh water (although you may think your gumboots alone can hold more than that).’
    • ‘Yesterday I looked out of the window and saw four people wearing white plastic raincoats, gumboots, shower caps and surgical masks go into a house across the road.’
    gumboot, wellington, wader, walking boot, riding boot, field boot, jackboot, thigh boot, half-boot, ankle boot, pixie boot, Chelsea boot, balmoral, desert boot, moon boot, snow boot