Meaning of gumdrop in English:



  • A firm, translucent sweet made with gelatin or gum arabic.

    • ‘She brought along a clown baggy full of candied goodies, such as lollipops, gumdrops, and jelly beans.’
    • ‘Invite each princess to build a castle of marshmallows, gumdrops, soft candies and toothpicks.’
    • ‘Eyes are gumdrops and jelly beans, antennae are licorice lace, and the tongue is a shaped gumdrop.’
    • ‘Using a drop of white craft glue, attach peppermint candies or gummy bears instead of red gumdrops among the green gumdrops.’
    • ‘If the rice water doesn't satisfy your sweet tooth, head to the nearby market for Pocky cookies and lychee gumdrops - a DIY dessert.’
    • ‘This couple provided flowers, gumdrops, sprinkles, and other candies.’
    • ‘Eat another cookie and a few gumdrops while the frosting sets.’
    • ‘One student (already famous as a concert pianist) cried, ‘I can see Brahms playing, with a glass of beer on the piano and a bag of gumdrops in his pocket!’’
    • ‘If they'd used the same mechanism, called her Baby Heimlich, and had unchewed gumdrops or bits of brisket shoot out of her esophagus… now that would have held my attention.’
    • ‘These brownies I'd made then had pretzel sticks of various sizes and shapes sticking out of them at various angles with multi-colored gumdrops at the free end of those sticks, in fact.’
    • ‘A fantasy world filled with lollipops, peanut brittle, and candy canes, where even the pitfalls are delicious and made of things like molasses and gumdrops.’
    • ‘But don't go thinking she's all gumdrops and rainbows.’
    • ‘Pa had frowned a little at that, but Miss Inger had given him back a look that definitely said she was in charge of gumdrops and Adam's father had better not argue about it.’
    • ‘She trails after me, running her finger along the shelves, pausing to sniff at the black teas, to open the lid on a jar of sugar-free gumdrops.’
    • ‘Wait a second there, buddy: Are you trying to tell me that the streets of suburbia aren't paved with gumdrops?’
    • ‘Go to the veterinarian's office and demand your new kitten's claws be removed and replaced with gumdrops.’
    • ‘Again, it's a good story and one that's executed to film well, but it's not full of daisies and gumdrops.’
    • ‘Buddy's clothes were strewn 'bout the room with care, and gumdrops and juub juubs were stuck in his hair.’
    • ‘The ground was covered in frosting with trees and bushes made from gumdrops covered in sugar.’
    • ‘It was shaped somewhat like a very big gumdrop, but I couldn't see any writing on it.’
    pastille, tablet, pill, capsule, pilule, drop