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gun dog


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  • A dog trained to retrieve game for a gamekeeper or the members of a shoot.

    ‘The Weimaraner is an excellent gun dog, which originally hunted big game.’
    • ‘The two-year-old Hungarian Vizsla is a gun dog with a friendly personality, said Mrs Mann.’
    • ‘The Irish Setter is a first-class gun dog which combines its work with its role of family pet and companion.’
    • ‘If bred for show, the English setter usually retains his hunting instincts as a personal gun dog, working sufficiently close so that the hunter can follow on foot.’
    • ‘In the past, he enjoyed shooting and was a member of Borris Gun Club but when his last gun dog died a few years ago, he abandoned the sport.’
    • ‘The Welsh Springer Spaniel is, in fact, very similar to the Brittany Spaniel, and makes a first-class gun dog.’
    • ‘But there have been other poisoned carcasses found - a kestrel among them - and recently a gun dog died after picking up poisoned bait.’
    • ‘Terriers, for example, are vivacious dogs which were bred to hunt small mammals, and though they can be lots of fun to own, they are not the ideal choice for the elderly who may be happier with a gentle gun dog or a breed from the hound group.’
    • ‘Bird-lovers are hoping a rare bittern rescued from starvation by a gun dog will start a new life in the north west's biggest wetland.’
    • ‘The English Springer Spaniel makes an excellent dual purpose gun dog and pet.’
    • ‘The Rosenallis show includes five categories such as best gun dog, sheep dog, largest dog, and miniature dog etc.’
    • ‘The Long-hair was crossed with the spaniel and an old German gun dog, the Stoberhund.’
    • ‘But the average Springer from field stock has enough natural interest in hunting so that anyone devoting reasonable time and effort to his schooling can turn out a very functional gun dog.’
    • ‘Visitors can also learn the skill behind lasersport clay pigeon shooting and watch gun dogs - from Mullenscote Gundogs, of Lains Shooting School, near Andover - being put through their paces.’
    • ‘The owner of Walkhaven near Honeydew is ‘extremely dog friendly’ - he trains gun dogs and has a pack of friendly hounds, and should be an interesting doggy person to talk to.’
    • ‘Ann Jones takes a selection of gun dogs including springer spaniels, german pointers and Labradors for a stroll during the fair.’
    • ‘None of these breeds was trained as gun dogs, though they have been used for hunting ever since they were domesticated.’
    • ‘Among the highlights were displays of angling, clay shooting, gun dogs, falconry and the Ukrainian Cossacks who thrilled the crowds with their hair-raising display of horse riding.’
    • ‘They could take a flight in a helicopter, watch ferret racing, visit a fun dog show, and watch displays of gun dogs going through their paces or model helicopters doing stunts.’
    • ‘Only the best gun dogs can track it down when on the run and in wooded areas it is only heard and never seen, when it takes to the wing.’