Meaning of gung-ho in English:


Pronunciation /ɡʌŋˈhəʊ/

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  • Unthinkingly enthusiastic and eager, especially about taking part in fighting or warfare.

    ‘the gung-ho tabloids have wrapped themselves in the Union Jack’
    • ‘My favourite piece was a tableau vivant of gung-ho garden gnomes fighting a bloody skirmish, armed to the teeth with power tools.’
    • ‘How enthusiastic or gung-ho was he on the decision that the team was coming over here exclusively?’
    • ‘They are part mercenary and moral crusader, half gung-ho crazies and concerned artists.’
    • ‘In our religious fanaticism or our gung-ho patriotism, we all let it happen.’
    • ‘Both state and federal levels witnessed a gung-ho culture of business deals and obsessive secrecy.’
    • ‘Imagine my shock when I realized this was not going to be a gung-ho, draw your sword and fight to the death movie.’
    • ‘We'll try and play attacking football but not ridiculous gung-ho stuff and if the chances come, we've got to take them.’
    • ‘Apart from a tendency to be a bit gung-ho with the advice, I don't have the organisational skills, and smiling that much gave me a nervous tic.’
    • ‘However, even if he did screw up, it was in the direction of being just a little too gung-ho in his patriotic fervor.’
    • ‘Now he's all gung-ho about getting back together with her and ‘starting a family’.’
    • ‘How amped about that album could I have been if, a week after I was all gung-ho to write about it, I couldn't even remember what it was?’
    • ‘Back in April 1997, it had been blithely gung-ho about financial deregulation.’
    • ‘I think it appeals to a different sort of person than the ones who are really gung-ho for being professors.’
    • ‘She was just all gung-ho about it, rallying people to get behind it.’
    • ‘The hawks have hardly lived up to their gung-ho reputation.’
    • ‘I knew a lot of people who were utterly gung-ho for the Vietnam War until it touched their lives in some way.’
    • ‘To merely be ‘against the war’ can mean being as pig-headed and as ignorant as our gung-ho leaders.’
    • ‘Colleagues of James have repeatedly said he was never gung-ho.’
    • ‘It was his idea to make the documentary, but I was very gung-ho about it.’
    • ‘Isn't it time to get realistic about how markets operate in our lives, rather than being either gung-ho or rabidly sceptical?’
    enthusiastic, eager, keen, fervent, ardent, fervid, passionate, devoted, dedicated


Second World War from Chinese gōnghé, taken to mean ‘work together’ and adopted as a slogan by US Marines.