Meaning of gunk in English:



mass nouninformal
  • An unpleasantly sticky or messy substance.

    ‘factories spewing out unspeakable gunk’
    • ‘After that, you just mix the pineapple gunk with the sugar syrup, the milk and lemon juice and put in the fridge.’
    • ‘It had a tendency to mix with clay-rich mud to form a gooey, sticky gunk that adhered to everything.’
    • ‘Comets are in effect dirty snowballs, water ice coated in organic gunk.’
    • ‘Besides, heating amino acids with other gunk produced by Miller experiments would destroy them.’
    • ‘The kitchen was the first room, and the garbage was overflowing, the counters were caked with gunk, and there were sticky spots on the floor.’
    • ‘Inside them you will usually find dust mixed up with gunk and dried ink.’
    • ‘I have been reduced to a quivering heap of tears after getting mushroom gunk under my fingernails when cooking Peter dinner.’
    • ‘Next, gauze is applied along with another layer of mineral gunk.’
    • ‘I live near a busy road and heaven knows what the Carbon Monoxide and other gunk that is churned out by cars and lorries do to me.’
    • ‘There came a point that I was so covered in sludgey brown gunk that I just didn't care.’
    • ‘When I purified three quarts of tap water by distilling it, I got one pitcher of clean water and a residue of gray gunk.’
    • ‘Beneath the jet of hot water, a dollop of yellow yoghurt-like gunk scrubs the excess oil from my skin.’
    • ‘The black gunk stuck on their coats like glue and many of the birds could not move their wings.’
    • ‘We all know black strap molasses - that sticky, bitter, dark black gunk that is a by-product of the sugar industry.’
    • ‘Hulls can collect a heavy coating of gunk during the winter months.’
    • ‘This was a rather unusual feature that included stories about flubs, black gunk, and sewage plants.’
    • ‘Trees don't grow very well through concrete, and with all this gunk in the air the grass is more yellow than green.’
    • ‘It wasn't the smell of dirt and grime and gunk and deprivation.’
    • ‘The toe, or bottom of the scabbard is closed to prevent any dirt or gunk from entering.’
    • ‘He was going to have to reach around in the mud and gunk at the bottom of the pond for their hats.’
    mud, muck, mire, ooze, silt, alluvium, dirt, slime, slush, slurry


1930s (originally US): the proprietary name of a detergent.