Meaning of gunmaker in English:



  • A manufacturer of guns.

    • ‘I'm not backing down, so the gunmakers and shop owners had better get used to my face and my name.’
    • ‘There was a bright side to the ruling by the California Supreme Court protecting gunmakers from being sued - the trial helped showcase the creative advertising efforts of America's assault gun industry.’
    • ‘Beginning about 1815, a distinctive style of pistol emerged as Philadelphia gunmakers began to cater to wealthy, cosmopolitan clients with highly decorated pairs of pistols.’
    • ‘Some were sporters built by the factory; others began as military surplus, with the action or barreled action serving as a base around which talented gunmakers made fine custom sporters.’
    • ‘With the coming of stainless steel and the tougher and tougher environmental restrictions on all manufacturers, nickel plating is fast disappearing as an option offered by gunmakers.’
    • ‘But the demands of American shooters and the ingenuity of American gunmakers have wrought a transformation.’
    • ‘The funny thing about European gunmakers is a propensity to drop all parts and service upon discontinuing a gun model.’
    • ‘The woods are full of gunmakers who have the guts to resist!’
    • ‘Major gunmakers naturally wanted a share of the bolt-action market.’
    • ‘Caywood's rifle is built exactly as the original was when Davy took it from the scarred and stained hands of a gunmaker so long ago, and thus it's something like shaking hands with history.’
    • ‘The external parts are polished to a 400-grit finish and final finish and heat-treating is the responsibility of the gunmaker.’
    • ‘No other manufacturer could submit a gun with a firing pin safety without a license from Colt, a rather significant advantage for the Hartford gunmaker.’
    • ‘And that sort of stuff ain't easy for a gunmaker to accomplish.’
    • ‘But then it was extremely rare to find a gunmaker who made an entire gun himself; it generally took three or four working together.’
    • ‘The rich, dark soil has rewarded you with fine tobacco crops and you've indulged yourself by ordering a fowling piece from the local gunmaker.’
    • ‘Jack Brooks is a gunmaker in the truest sense of the word.’
    • ‘Along the way, I became a gunmaker specializing in single-shot and lever-action rifles.’
    • ‘However, the most radical element of the British gunmaker's design lies hidden under the synthetic stock.’
    • ‘The German luxury car giant has given the Austrian gunmaker until the first of the year to vacate the premises.’
    • ‘Shortly after that article appeared, Bill went from gunsmith to gunmaker as he opened the doors of Texas Longhorn Arms.’