Meaning of gunna in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡʌnə/


  • Going to.

    • ‘she was gunna stay there all night if she had to’
    • ‘I'm not gunna lie, I said a little prayer.’
    • ‘If your gunna write give real facts not fake.’
    • ‘I wasn't gunna cry, I wasn't gunna beg.’
    • ‘When's this no hoper gunna realise we don't care!’
    • ‘It's gunna be an awesome show.’
    • ‘I'm just so happy he's gunna be ok, no one wants to see their best mate like this.’
    • ‘I love her, and I'm gunna marry her.’
    • ‘He didn't do this, and they ain't gunna find him guilty.’
    • ‘It's gunna be a good summer!’
    • ‘Well, you better move quickly because people are gunna start disappearing.’


Late 19th century representing a regional or colloquial pronunciation.