Meaning of gurgler in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡəːɡlə/


informal Australian, New Zealand
  • A drain.


    go down the gurgler
    Australian, New Zealand informal
    • Be wasted or lost.

      • ‘before we know it, another $2 million will have gone down the gurgler’
      • ‘I am far more worried about the way that all sides seem intent on watching political life go down the gurgler.’
      • ‘Suez was forced to write off half a billion US dollars on its operations in Argentina when the Argentinean currency went down the gurgler.’
      • ‘This bill is another example of why they will go down the gurgler.’
      • ‘Well, they were going down the gurgler anyway.’
      • ‘Two-thirds of his popular support has gone down the gurgler - 14 percentage points down the gurgler.’
      • ‘We just have to do it because we are not going to sit back and let our country go down the gurgler.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, it had been three years since school and my maths had gone down the gurgler.’
      • ‘Have you got a story about how workers lost their accrued entitlements went a company went down the gurgler?’
      • ‘We wasted years of negative energy on that, and New Zealand went down the gurgler.’
      • ‘Or more bluntly, how much of our publicly-funded research is going down the gurgler?’