Meaning of gushy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡʌʃi/

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adjectiveadjective gushier, adjective gushiest

  • Excessively effusive.

    ‘her gushy manner’
    • ‘Early betting has the boys as odds-on favourites to claim the top spot with their gushy ballad, but the girls' effort is gaining fast.’
    • ‘We mustn't dismiss such words as gushy and sentimental nonsense.’
    • ‘I feel positively gushy and garrulous this fine day.’
    • ‘I'm too gushy in a country, in a city, that hates gush.’
    • ‘Rachel's vowels can make her sound gushy, but, in truth, she's just enthusiastic.’
    • ‘Among the messages, there were a lot of goofy, gushy stuff I sent to Kay, but here's one of my favorites.’
    • ‘I occasionally come over all gushy at the sight of the London traffic report.’
    • ‘Too much gushy talk about jobs on Thursday night could look foolish and ugly the morning after.’
    • ‘I've been criticised in the past for waxing lyrical and going all gushy about booze.’
    • ‘He was prone to write long, gushy love letters to women not his wife, and once in love he found it difficult to focus on his work.’
    • ‘Sadly, a couple of gushy ballads, in particular the final track, Next To You, mar the sultry cool of the rest.’
    • ‘I wasn't one of those gushy girls who would fawn all over the boy she liked.’
    • ‘I've never been one of those gushy, over-the-top dog people that treats my pet as a person.’
    • ‘I've read enough gushy patriotic drivel in the last 2 years to tide me over until Armageddon.’
    • ‘It sounds all gushy, I know, but it was as if for the first time I could see how beautiful the world was.’
    • ‘But if the guys in your life aren't gushy, chances are they're still trying to let their feelings known - albeit in their own way.’
    • ‘Despite media sneers at his gushy style of presentation, his warmth and interest in his public is sincere.’
    • ‘When he was the dealmaking chief of the talent agency in the early 1990s, he received gushy profiles in glossy magazines almost monthly.’
    • ‘I don't know how to write this post without sounding like an annoyingly gushy, proud mother.’
    • ‘Remember, he is more accustomed to interviews with fawning, gushy, fans, rather than with more hard-nosed journalists.’
    enthusiastic, ample, profuse, extensive, generous, liberal, lavish, glowing, gushing, gushy
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