Meaning of gutless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡʌtləs/

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  • Lacking courage or determination.

    • ‘I should have had the support of my team but they are gutless’
    • ‘It announced that he is in fact a gutless coward, a scared little girl and absolute joke.’
    • ‘And the key is that we're going to do everything in our power to put faces on these gutless cowards that committed this crime.’
    • ‘Or do you think the gutless coward has sex-changed himself into obscurity?’
    • ‘The happy thing about academics is that they are typically such gutless cowards when faced with anything like a real public outcry.’
    • ‘Let's eradicate gutless eye-gouging cowards from the game before things get that far.’
    • ‘That said, I really hated this film, and not because it's so dumb, but because it's so timid and gutless.’
    • ‘It would have been an act of cowardice to back out, a kind of gutless weakness…’
    • ‘Once again, the gutless move would be to write a memo detailing my reservations with the new duty hours.’
    • ‘I find ‘near-impeachable’ as applied to ‘the President and his Cabinet’ to be gutless disapproval.’
    • ‘He is a gutless wimp as he has proved since Vietnam.’
    • ‘But, let's face it, I'm gutless and as such I haven't sent her a thing.’
    • ‘Smug, gutless parasites they are, the lot of them.’
    • ‘Of course this didn't happen because so many men are gutless.’
    • ‘They should be saved from themselves by those who profess to run the sport, but then professional boxing was ever the domain of the gutless administrator.’
    • ‘It would be a gutless government that pulled out now, leaving our key allies, the US and the UK, isolated.’
    • ‘Strength is an attractive quality in a woman, but you'd have to be a pretty gutless man not to stick up for a woman you cared about.’
    • ‘But what I have seen are people who are hell bent on telling me that I am a gutless, useless quitter and loser.’
    • ‘So now it becomes apparent that in addition to being a gutless liar, you are also a clueless mass of obtuseness.’
    • ‘They know it - but they won't say a word because they are too greedy or too gutless.’
    • ‘Is there any reason not to think of these people as gutless creeps, prepared to do the decent thing providing it requires no bravery on their part?’
    cowardly, faint-hearted, lily-livered, chicken-hearted, pigeon-hearted, spiritless, spineless, craven
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