Meaning of gymkhana in English:


Pronunciation /dʒɪmˈkɑːnə/

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  • 1An equestrian day event comprising races and other competitions on horseback, typically for children.

    ‘Mr Stephens said the money would also be used to provide new outreach services to isolated station people and community events such as local race meetings, gymkhanas and festivals.’
    • ‘Used mainly as cavalry horses, the walers also excelled as mounts at polo, race meetings, and gymkhanas.’
    • ‘Visitors were supplemented by a busy calendar of social events that tied together a community of settlements in gymkhanas, cricket fixtures and golf tournaments (on a dirt course).’
    • ‘He bought the young Tony a succession of ponies to ride in their field, the last one being called Chippy, and, despite never having had a riding lesson, Tony entered a series of gymkhanas and won almost all of them.’
    • ‘At Easter and Christmas you see them, there were very few motor cars, and every little town had a fête of a gymkhana, they used to call them.’
    • ‘The motor gymkhana events, which are held under floodlights, are the ‘zig zag’ event where in you have to snake across a series of barriers as quickly as possible and clock the best time.’
    • ‘The scene is a gymkhana, or rather the parking lot for horseboxes, where the animals are brushed and groomed in preparation for events going on off screen.’
    • ‘If it wasn't for them a lot of football matches, fêtes and gymkhanas just couldn't take place.’
    • ‘Emily only began serious dressage competition under strict British Dressage rules in January after some success at gymkhanas and country shows.’
    • ‘Beyond the purely practical there are more dapper variations of this apparel for spoiled horsey to wear on special occasions such as gymkhanas.’
    • ‘Horse trials, a gymkhana and a dog show as well as the funfair, exhibition tents and fast food.’
    • ‘Sunday after Sunday saw Paddy head off for some of the regional shows or gymkhanas where he was a regular performer and from which he amassed an impressive array of rosettes.’
    • ‘The annual gymkhana and garden fête will take place this Sunday, opening at 1.00 p.m., admission €2.’
    • ‘A mini gymkhana is also being organised for the Japanese group.’
    • ‘For younger riders there is mini-jumping and a gymkhana.’
    • ‘Heavy rain in the afternoon kept the attendance down but the weather improved later and the gymkhana in the evening proved a great attraction.’
    • ‘Here they will receive horse ridding lessons and see a mini gymkhana.’
    • ‘This is always an enjoyable day and over the years the gymkhana society have generously sponsored the various organisations in the community and they are worthy of your support.’
    • ‘The gymkhana society are great supporters of the community so please come along and support them.’
    • ‘Following a day including gymkhana, open jumping, driving, horticulture, children's sports, fell race and much more, the committee rounded of the annual show with a barbecue and dance in the evening.’
  • 2Indian A public place with facilities for sports.

    ‘Moreover, basic amenities such as convenient shopping, community centre, play grounds, parks, gymkhanas, schools and hospitals will be provided.’
    • ‘Paradoxically, it is because Madras has an old and lively sporting culture rooted in clubs and gymkhanas, that its middle class sporting establishment resists the idea that money should be used to buy talent.’
    • ‘In order to get affiliation to the Indian Board, the leading Gymkhanas in Bombay decided to form a cricket association in 1930 and named it as the Bombay Presidency (Proper) Cricket Association.’


Mid 19th century from Urdu gendḵānah ‘racket court’, from Hindi geṁd ‘ball’ + Persian ḵānah ‘house’, altered by association with gymnastic.