Meaning of gynandromorph in English:



Zoology Medicine
  • An abnormal individual, especially an insect, having some male and some female characteristics.

    ‘The negative sustained component was reduced to 1/3 of that from sibling controls or the contralateral eye in gynandromorphs.’
    • ‘The In w vc chromosome is lost at high frequency in the earliest nuclear divisions to generate gynandromorphs containing large clones of male (haplo-X) and female (diplo-X) tissue.’
    • ‘He also did extensive studies of radiation-induced somatic mutations, and he studied the formation of gynandromorphs and other mosaics, using mutant markers as tracers of embryonic lineages.’
    • ‘This is supported by the existence of gynandromorphs in Sciara.’
    • ‘The gynandromorphs were found in all study areas and in every study year, suggesting that gynandromorphism in this species is not a rare phenomenon.’



/dʒɪˈnandrə(ʊ)mɔːf/ /ɡʌɪˈnandrə(ʊ)mɔːf/


Late 19th century from Greek gunandros ‘of doubtful sex’ (see gynandrous) + morphē ‘form’.