Meaning of gynocentric in English:



  • Centred on or concerned exclusively with women; taking a female (or specifically a feminist) point of view.

    ‘A representation is gynocentric if it depicts the world in relation to female or feminine interests, emotions, attitudes or values.’
    • ‘Feminist separatism was the earliest expression of such gynocentric feminism.’
    • ‘In this gynocentric world, signs of misogyny are watched for closely, and acts of misogyny are now morally and legally unallowable.’
    • ‘Also, the recognition that narratives can be gynocentric without being overtly critical of patriarchal structures is a sound observation, as is his warning against cliches about ancient patriarchal society.’
    • ‘The essays are eclectic, ranging from andocentric to gynocentric perspectives.’



/ˌɡʌɪnə(ʊ)ˈsɛntrɪk/ /ˌdʒʌɪnə(ʊ)ˈsɛntrɪk/