Meaning of gyromagnetic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdʒʌɪrəʊmaɡˈnɛtɪk/


  • 1Physics
    Relating to the magnetic and mechanical properties of a rotating charged particle.

    ‘For a Kerr-Newman black hole (and for many other charged solutions in general relativity) the gyromagnetic ratio is exactly 2.’
    • ‘Where [gamma] is the gyromagnetic ratio of protons, g is the gradient strength, [delta] is the gradient pulse length, and T is the time between the gradient pulses sandwiching the 180 [degrees] pulses.’
    • ‘Deuterium is a relatively insensitive nucleus because it has a low gyromagnetic ratio and the spectral intensity is generally spread over an extremely wide frequency range due to the quadrupole interaction.’
    • ‘The classical gyromagnetic ratio of an orbiting or a rotating electron is defined as the ratio of the magnetic moment to the angular momentum.’
    • ‘Gyromagnetic resonance spectrometers essentially comprise a high-frequency generator supplying a circuit which concentrates the electromagnetic energy on a specimen, the latter being arranged in a continuous magnetic polarization field.’
  • 2(of a compass) combining a gyroscope and a normal magnetic compass.