Meaning of gyropilot in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒʌɪrə(ʊ)ˌpʌɪlət/


  • A gyrocompass used to provide automatic steering for a ship or aircraft.

    ‘The gyropilot is so expert that it gives passengers a smoother ride than can the pilot himself.’
    • ‘Also installed was a gyrocompass system complete with master compass, steering and bearing repeaters and gyropilot for steering sounding lines.’
    • ‘A central optical bearing device and a gyropilot repeater compass may be arranged in the fore and aft parts, respectively, of the middle console.’
    • ‘From the gyrocompass, Sperry developed the gyropilot for steering ships and the automatic gyropilot for stabilizing airplanes.’
    • ‘In most ocean-going vessels the gyrocompass is connected electrically to a gyropilot, a device that automatically steers the ship, keeping it on course in accordance with signals from the gyrocompass.’