Meaning of gyrostabilized in English:


(British gyrostabilised)


  • 1(of a vessel) stabilized by a gyrostabilizer.

  • 2(of cameras, binoculars, and other optical devices) capable of securing a steady view by means of an electronic device that corrects for movement.

    • ‘In the years between the two world wars, he and his engineers developed the automatic pilot, the first airplane stabilizer, gyrostabilized bomb sights, and automatic-fire control systems.’
    • ‘The mast mounted sight is equipped with a thermal imager and a television camera on a gyrostabilised platform.’
    • ‘The cavalry unit is equipped with this vehicle which is fitted with a 105 mm high-pressure gyrostabilised gun and associated automated fire control system.’
    • ‘The pilot has a suite of vision equipment comprising a roof mounted gyrostabilised sight, forward looking infrared and television sensors and night vision goggles.’
    • ‘The commander has a panoramic \ gyrostabilised sight.’