Meaning of gyrus in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒʌɪrəs/

nounplural noun gyri/ˈdʒʌɪrʌɪ/

  • A ridge or fold between two clefts on the cerebral surface in the brain.

    ‘The cerebellum has on its surface a series of tight folds, called folia, similar to, but narrower than, the gyri of the cerebral cortex.’
    • ‘A comparison of the brain scans from the two groups revealed significant differences in the volume of gray matter in areas of the frontal and temporal lobes and the cingulate gyrus.’
    • ‘On each side, the gyrus rectus of the frontal lobe is well developed and the orbital gyri are arranged irregularly around the H-shaped orbital sulci.’
    • ‘It receives inputs from the hippocampus, amygdala, cingulate gyrus, temporal cortex, and orbitofrontal cortex.’
    • ‘Cortical tubers, or benign potato-like growths, appear along the gyri and sulci in the brain.’
    • ‘Specific regions of each cerebral hemisphere, with their unique folds and grooves (respectively called gyri and sulci), are responsible for the movements of a particular body part.’
    • ‘And in that task, the control children show a great deal of activation in the middle and inferior frontal gyrus and in the parietal lobes towards the top and back of the brain, would be the parietal area.’
    • ‘The configuration of white and gray matter of the dentate gyrus and hippocampus is distinctive.’
    • ‘Those connecting neighboring cerebral gyri are clearly seen.’
    • ‘After their excision, the insula appears as a triangular eminence that is marked by a number of sulci and gyri.’
    • ‘Males activated right medial frontal gyrus and inferior parietal lobe.’
    • ‘Lateral to the dentate gyrus, the temporal horn of the lateral ventricle has been opened to expose its choroid plexus, which is involved in the production of cerebrospinal fluid.’
    • ‘Telling the truth however causes activity in the frontal lobe, temporal lobe and cingulate gyrus.’
    • ‘The orbital part of the frontal lobe and the gyrus rectus are seen.’
    • ‘The cingulate gyrus has profuse reciprocal connections with the anterior thalamic nuclei and is an important constituent of the limbic system.’
    • ‘The brain weighed 1380 g and showed diffusely swollen cerebral hemispheres with marked flattening of the gyri throughout the convexities.’
    • ‘Another branch, the sulcus angularis, may be axial to the angular gyrus, and it may be continuous with the superior temporal sulcus.’
    • ‘It has been dissected out from the inferior part of the cingulate gyrus in which, for the most part, it is embedded.’
    • ‘The superior temporal gyrus is subdivided into two or more obliquely running, short, transverse temporal gyri.’
    • ‘Another region of neuron formation is the dentate gyrus, where a special type of neuron, the granule cell, is generated.’
    • ‘They have observed the growth of neurons in the dentate gyrus, a portion of the hippocampus (which controls learning and short term memory), in mice that were placed in a stimulating environment.’
    twist, turn, coil, spiral, twirl, curl, helix, whorl, loop, curlicue, kink, sinuosity


Mid 19th century from Latin, from Greek guros ‘a ring’.