Main meanings of h in English

: h1H2H3


Pronunciation /eɪtʃ/

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  • 1(in measuring the height of horses) hand(s)

    • ‘pinto pony gelding—quiet, 13.3 h, great with kids’
  • 2in combination (in units of measurement) hecto-

    • ‘wine production reached 624,000 hl last year’
  • 3British (with reference to sporting fixtures) home.

    • ‘September 14 Bradford City (h)’
  • 4Horse.

  • 5(especially with reference to water) hot.

    • ‘nine rooms, all with h & c’
  • 6Hour(s)

    • ‘breakfast at 0700 h’

  • 1Planck's constant.

  • 2Planck's constant divided by 2π.

Main meanings of H in English

: h1H2H3


(also h)

Pronunciation /eɪtʃ/

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nounHs, H's

  • 1The eighth letter of the alphabet.

    1. 1.1Denoting the next after G in a set of items, categories, etc.
    2. 1.2hChess Denoting the file on the right-hand edge of the board, as viewed from White's side.
  • 2A shape like that of a capital H.

    • ‘a widened H-strap for lateral support’
  • 3Music
    (in the German system) the note B natural.

Main meanings of H in English

: h1H2H3


Pronunciation /eɪtʃ/

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  • 1Hard (used in describing grades of pencil lead)

    • ‘a 2H pencil’
  • 2Height (in giving the dimensions of an object)

    • ‘H 195 cm by W 107 cm by D 52 cm’
  • 3Physics

  • 4informal Heroin.

    • ‘‘Tell me it's not heroin.’ ‘It's not H’’
  • 5Hungary (international vehicle registration).

  • 6British (on signs in the street) hydrant.

  • 1Chemistry

  • 2The chemical element hydrogen.

  • 3Physics
    Magnetic field strength.