Meaning of haaf in English:



the haaf
  • (in Orkney and Shetland) the area of sea used for deep-sea fishing.

    ‘The haaf floats to the top; the netsman turns his back to the tide, kills the fish with his ‘mell’, or mallet, and flings it into a special compartment - while concentrating on not being swept away by the strong tidal flow.’
    • ‘Under this system the able-bodied men of the croft were away from the land for long periods engaged in the haaf or deep-sea fishing in the summer months and the herring fishing from spring until late summer.’
    • ‘The Haaf net which also rests on the sea bed is supported by a fisherman.’



/hɑːf/ /haf/


Late 18th century from Old Norse haf ‘high sea, ocean’; related to Danish hav and Swedish haf.