Meaning of haar in English:


Pronunciation /hɑː/


  • A cold sea fog on the east coast of England or Scotland.

    ‘The east coast weather gods conspired to roll in the haar off the North Sea in a north to north easterly breeze of force three to four, making race management a gargantuan task.’
    • ‘The low moan of a foghorn across miles of greyness, the slap of waves breaking against a gently rocking hull in the dark, the slow creak of rusting quayside machinery in the wind beckon through the haar.’
    • ‘Cox threatens to be almost as impenetrable as the haar rolling in over the Edinburgh skyline.’
    • ‘A soft haar drifts over the water and the midnight sky is streaked with grey midsummer light.’
    • ‘Taken five miles from the ground, white streaks of methane fog float over the surface like a kind of haar, partly covering scattered islands in the sea.’
    haze, fog, smog, murk, cloud, cloudiness, mistiness, Scotch mist, haar, vapour, drizzle, spray


Late 17th century perhaps from Old Norse hárr ‘hoar, hoary’.