Meaning of Habanero in English:


Pronunciation /ˌabəˈnɛːrəʊ/

nounplural noun Habaneros

North American
another term for Scotch bonnet
‘The hottest varieties are the Mexican Habanero, Caribbean Early Scotch Bonnet, Thai Bird's Eye and Indonesian Lombok.’
  • ‘I have three nice ones - Harissa, Habanero and Honey.’
  • ‘Day 1 starts with Habanero pepper-infused vodka Martinis upon arrival.’
  • ‘The best surprise was finding some fresh Habanero peppers that would complement the wine perfectly as long as only a couple were used in the entire meal.’
  • ‘It has also grown Habanero peppers, which were sold in bulk to a regional hot-sauce company.’


Spanish, literally ‘of Havana’.