Meaning of habitability in English:


Pronunciation /habɪtəˈbɪlɪti/


See habitable

‘Over-consumption, pollution, the loss of species and habitats, and mismanagement of natural resources are undermining global habitability.’
  • ‘They come away with an appreciation of their planet and the complex systems on Earth that support human habitability.’
  • ‘The edibility of a planet's plant life is one of the factors of habitability.’
  • ‘If we had many examples of planets that do and do not bear life, and an explanation for why the conditions on some planets led to life while those on others did not, we might be able to establish an accurate metric of habitability.’
  • ‘There is no apparent reason why habitability and measurability should be so correlated, unless a creator wanted us not only to live but also to be able to explore the cosmos scientifically.’
  • ‘A psychologist offers an overview of humans in space, covering such topics as motives for leaving Earth, group dynamics, and habitability of spacecraft.’
  • ‘Not all planets in a given area were surveyed for habitability.’
  • ‘Onboard the ship, some level of habitability was slowly returning.’
  • ‘In turn, architects are learning about essential aspects of habitability that are often taken for granted.’
  • ‘For her occupants there have been mess deck habitability improvements including new top bunks and additional locker space.’