Meaning of haboob in English:


Pronunciation /həˈbuːb/


  • A violent and oppressive wind blowing in summer in Sudan and elsewhere, bringing sand from the desert.

    ‘Heading for the desert he attempts the Marathon des Sables, an exhausting and dangerous seven-day test of ability, to see what effect dry heat has on the weather, from mirages to the deadly desert sandstorm that is the haboob.’
    • ‘This limitation caused them to run into a haboob, or dust storm, that they could not fly over without breaking the 200 foot limit.’
    • ‘Flying at 500 feet, the helicopters got caught in what is known in the Dasht-e-Kavir, Iran's Great Salt Desert, as a ‘haboob’ - a blinding dust storm.’
    • ‘On the other hand, human beings exposed to the summer desert, winter in Kashmir, or the spring haboobs over Iran quickly reach their limits.’
    • ‘‘There was a big dust storm, called a haboob,’ he said.’


Late 19th century from Arabic habūb ‘blowing furiously’.