Meaning of hacendado in English:


nounplural noun hacendados

(also haciendado)
  • The owner of a hacienda.

    ‘The cause, it seems, rested with the local hacendados or estate owners who had changed the natural course of the river with dams ‘causing damage in times of floods.’’
    • ‘Those in control of their haciendas, called hacendados, treated people on their lands by a system known in the Sierra as the huasipungo (described by western scholars as ‘landed slavery’).’
    • ‘Yucatecan hacendados were quick to exploit this by financing and co-opting anarchosyndicalist unions, local leaders, and electoral candidates who opposed the agrarian reform.’
    • ‘This prevented the emergence of a privileged hacendado class as in other Latin societies.’
    • ‘Given her physical attributes and costume, the the doll looks like the daughter of a rich Spaniard hacendado on the island.’



/ˌasɛnˈdɑːdəʊ/ /aθenˈdaðo/ /asenˈdaðo/